Futurama in Astronomy

As I have been exploring astronomy, I have had many points where I just wanted to stand up and say ‘Just like when they made a joke about that in Futurama!’ With that said, Futurama can be a great tool to grab students interests by relating these topics to things they may have already seen.

One that always makes me laugh comes from this photo. Nibbler, a lovable little animal that one of the main characters finds, is a vauble part of a few episodes as it excretes dark matter, something that powers their rocket ship.


Futurama is also really clever in their math references that they use. Check out this link that goes in and explains just a few of the jokes (that are hilariously correct) that fall into the math side of this world.


So if you haven’t already, check out an episode of Futurama. The laughs can be many, as well as many great references to topics that we will cover in physics.




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    By far the best blog by our class.

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